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What's new in Chameleon Partner Account Requester?

Dear users,
first of all we would like to thank you for using Chameleon Partner Account Requester. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thanks to your comments we have been able to add new features and several further improvements. It is your feedback that makes Chameleon Partner Account Requester the best! Thank you!

What's new in version 2.60

  • Introduces hourly instead of daily submission limits!
  • Chameleon Partner Account Requester is now 100% Windows 7 compatible!

What's new in version 2.51
  • Several bugs fixed

What's new in version 2.50


More categories to choose from!

  Chameleon PA requester now offers a selection of 239 categories!

Support for setting the niches banned by individual sites in the database!

  This setting reduces the risk of being banned by not generating those sites which do not accept your gallery content.

Faster adding of new sites to the database using 'cloning' of a site added earlier!

  This is useful if adding similar sites (e.g. from the same network, etc.).

Automatically highlight those sites in the group which are also located in another group you select!

  This is mostly useful when you work with several groups.


Several bugs fixed

What's new in version 2.00


Gallery duplication with automatic recip inclusion

  Great new feature that allows you to file requests even with TGP/MGP sites that require reciprocal links

Setting up partner account validity in time

  From now on you can have complete overview of your partner accounts – you can set up the time from which the partner account is valid, and when it expires

Notifications of partner account expiration

  You can set up when you would like to receive notifications of partner account expiration! Chameleon Partner Account Requester warns you with every launch!

Setting up submission limits for partner accounts

  You can set up different submission limits for partner accounts, and export them into Chameleon Submitter

Temporary partner account suspension

  Now you can place partner accounts into the SUSPENDED status

Overview of partner accounts payments

  Finally you can see how much you spend On PARTNER ACCOUNTS! This feature makes statistics on payments sent to individual sites and partner networks!

The database contains types of payments (ePassporte, credit cards, PayPal, etc.)

  Easy to read database with types of payments for ePassporte, credit cards, PayPal etc.

Bulk test of gallery functionality

  With just one click you can find out which galleries on your server are functional and ready for requesting!

Well-arranged statistics of your galleries according to categories and content type

  With just one click you can find out how many galleries from every category you have ready for requesting!

List of your galleries ready for requesting could be sorted by any columns

  Absolute flexibility – galleries could be sorted by any parameter in columns!

The “Compact and Repaid Database” feature

  To save disk space we included the Compact and Repaid Database feature

The ICQ request window features number of galleries as well as plain text which simplifies copying into certain ICQ clients

  There is not much we can add to this. You can just copy it and start requesting!

Possibility to edit TGP/MGP site rules a parameters directly in the step where partner accounts are being managed

  This once again saves time, now we can edit TGP/MGP site rules directly in Step 3!

Import site details from the Chameleon Submitter databases

  Would you like to take a site from Chameleon Submitter and add it to Chameleon Partner Account Requester? No problem, in several seconds you can add any site from the Chameleon Submitter database together with information such as rules, etc.

Advanced database search

  You can easily find what you were looking for!

Mass lock/unlock/enable/disable of sites selected in the database

  With one click you can select sites and change their parameters to lock/unlock/enable/disable

These were only some of the new features we prepared for you in Chameleon Partner Account Requester. There are dozens of improvements ready for you, to make your experience of working with the software even better than in previous releases. For a complete list of features click here, or try the DEMO.

What's new in version 1.10

- Rules of MGP/TGP+ sites as well as information on movie galleries contain also movie formats
- The Request window contains a list of sample galleries for a PA application
- The Request window contains the Report button that serves to send a message in case of problems with a site in the DB

Also, please note that we have just launched our Chameleon Partner Account Requester Tutorials that will guide you step by step through the software to help you understand and use all the features of this unique tool.
Please, keep staying with us!

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