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What is Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter?

Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter is a basic and indispensable tool of every adult webmaster. It will:
- increase productive traffic
- increase your income
- save the time spent by setting up and submitting galleries.
In addition to being a fast and effective gallery TGP/MGP submitter, it is a complete software product with full and regularly updated database which makes it an inseparable part of any adult webmaster's job.
What does Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter offer?

Easy-to-navigate, step-by-step SUBMIT PROCESS
- more than 235 niche categories with the possibility to set submit to 6 niche categories
- auto image cropping tool with the possibility to set brightness/contrast/sharpen/quality of thumbs + real time preview

- submission of galleries with a sample thumbnail image
- select preferred sample thumbnail submit method (hard drive or linking from server)
- set only obligatory TGP sites which require sample thumbnail
- single click automatic completion of movie information (type of movies, total size, length, sound)
- flexible descriptions – you can now set any description between 10 and 99 characters
- submission of sponsor-hosted galleries
- submission to password-protected TGPs/MGPs (user-friendly)
- submission to TGP/MGP sites which require e-mail submit
- submit galleries with 2257 info
- submit BIG image URL (used by some sites to produce thumbnails)
- submit galleries by model’s age
- submit galleries by content type (hardcore/softcore, series/assorted)

- submission to no-recip TGP/MGP sites only (dial-up user-friendly)
- automatic rule-based generation of suitable TGP/MGP sites from a database (TGP & MGP friendly)
- setting the number of recip links per gallery with automatic insertion of links to galleries
- sorting of generated sites by the number of recips
- advanced name setting for duplicated galleries and folders
- test gallery setings before duplicating
- fast and efficient gallery duplication by pre-set parameters and categories
- FTP upload tool available! a very manageable environment for gallery and recip button upload
- support of unlimited FTP servers for uploading your galleries/recips!
- test paths before uploading on FTP galleries and recip files
- highlight FTP upload items
- check galleries uploaded to the server in a simple list of generated galleries
- fast, AUTOMATIC SUBMISSION of galleries in up to 10 TGP/MGP sites simultaneously
- fast, customizable MANUAL SUBMISSION in up to 10 TGP/MGP sites simultaneously
- automatic form filling during manual submission
- easy-to-read submit result evaluated by keywords
- immediate manual or automatic submission of galleries after a failed submit

+ HUGE DATABASE containing more than 1000 TGP & MGP sites / ready to submit /
- site rating
- adding/editing/deleting of TGP/MGP sites in the database
-  simple setting of TGP/MGP site parameters
- detailed but simple and efficient rule setting for sites
- support of various recip link formats with a test function
- support of various submit forms including HTTP header cookies
- automatic download of submit forms and site categories to the database
- setting of the sites to manual or auto submit mode + more useful options
- quick and advanced search of sites in the database using several criteria at once

+ Advanced HTTP and SMTP SETTINGS for autosubmit
- selection of external proxies
- automatic IP address insertion with HTTP connection testing
- simple setting of FTP parameters
- more options

+ Other useful features
- setting of default and custom template for e-mails sent to sites which require e-mail submit
- automatic removal of unused recip links from the database
- tabular history of submitted galleries permitting their reinsertion into the form
- detailed help with many interesting tips&tricks

But that is not all!

Buy Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter now to receive TGP/MGP database update service and software upgrades for free!
- the central server-based database is updated at least once per week
- one-click update of your database directly from your software!
- the update covers TGP/MGP sites, their recip buttons, deletion of expired buttons

Still not enough?

If you buy Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter you automatically obtain
- access to the member section with an easy-to-navigate history of your submitted galleries
- access to the board for our members
- preferential discounts on our future promotions and offers
- customer support ready to help you anytime with anything, often more than just the software :)

How much will all this cost you?

Now, you have TWO different payment options to choose from:
1. A one-year version for $179!
2. A one-month version for only $24.95!
Click Here to Purchase the Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter Now!

Are you a Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter user and you still do not have the new version 4.50?
It is simple, log in to the members area and go to the buy section, then click on upgrade .

Click here to learn what is new in the current version 4.60!

Do not forget to check out the Chameleon Confirmer, another useful tool which automatically confirms many e-mails in seconds! Click here for more info!

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