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What is Chameleon Confirmer?

Chameleon Confirmer is an indispensable tool for webmasters who use Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter, Chameleon Link List Submitter, Chameleon Partner Account Requester or Tube Sites Submitter.

The Confirmer was developed by our team to increase your efficiency and comfort at work.

Chameleon Confirmer is a simple and fast e-mail confirmer developed by experienced adult webmasters. As its name reveals, it confirms links arriving to your e-mail box in large amounts after submitting. This is where the indispensable Chameleon Confirmer comes into play. It is capable of confirming 300 e-mails in a matter of seconds, saving your valuable time and increasing your efficiency at work. It has its own on-line database of scripts which ensure correct confirmation. The script database is updated by our team who regularly verify and update the scripts. Setting up of POP3 and the proxy has never been easier, to mention just one of the many advantages.

What does Chameleon Confirmer provide?

  • simple usage and setup
  • automatic and manual confirmation
  • automatically confirms emails that require the input of a confirmation code
  • summary report status of confirmed e-mails
  • POP3 and proxy server settings
  • secure POP3 connection
  • on-line script database
  • smart and quick confirmation of links
  • supports simultaneous submission of 10 e-mails

What is new in version 1.61

  • supports more types of confirmation emails
  • adds support for secure POP3 connection
  • support for Gmail accounts

What is new in version 1.52

  • Bug fixed (support for Win7 64 bit)

What is new in version 1.51

  • Several bugs fixed.

What is new in version 1.50

  • More confirmation links can be confirmed automatically!

What is new in version 1.40

  • Support for sorting out e-mails which need to be confirmed manually for any reason.
  • The online script database expanded to include links which should be ignored during auto confirmation. This will prevent unwanted confirmation of incorrect links.
  • Several bugs fixed.
What is new in version 1.30
  • Improved user interface of the software:
    - the confirmer can be resized or maximized
    - it is now also possible to minimize the main window into the system tray (the system tray is the small area at one end of the Task Bar near the clock)
  • Improved visual interface of the software:
    - support for Windows XP style
    - new Chameleon Confirmer icon
What is new in version 1.21
  • Several bugs fixed
What is new in version 1.20
  • More TGP scripts supported
  • More e-mails will be confirmed automatically
What is new in version 1.10
  • You can create and store several Mail Boxes.
  • You can store login name & password necessary for authentication.
  • Automatic search of password phrases in messages.
  • You can leave a copy of messages on server while downloading, if password phrase was found.
  • You can additionally delete selected messages from server.
How much does Chameleon Confirmer cost?

The price of Chameleon Confirmer is only $29! No other fees!

How can I get Chameleon Confirmer?

If you are already our member, click on BUY button in the member section and fill in your credit card information. After successful payment process you can install Chameleon Confirmer by simple clicking on DOWNLOAD button.
If you are not our member, click here.


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