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What is Chameleon Partner Account Requester?

Chameleon Partner Account Requester is a fast, professional and efficient tool for every adult webmaster!
With Chameleon Partner Account Requester you can easily request more than 500 partner accounts in a matter of minutes! Chameleon Partner Account Requester will save you weeks spent looking for the best TGP/MGP sites and sites which require partner accounts to allow submitting.

Our team of professional adult webmasters searches for and adds TGP/MGP sites where you can only submit with a partner account. A large number of these sites are included in the database which is part of the Chameleon Partner Account Requester!

If you are ready for enormous adult traffic, read on!

What does Chameleon Partner Account Requester offer?

Just as Chameleon Submitter, Chameleon Partner Account Requester also features easy navigation and the request process follows a step-by-step procedure. Here we present a selection of what you can find in Chameleon Partner Account Requester. If you would like to see how some features work in real time, take a look at TUTORIALS!

  • Easy and fast partner accounts export into the Chameleon Submitter database
  • Easy-to-read list of partner accounts sorted by ePassporte, payment info, partner networks, partner account status, etc.
  • Creating/maintaining statistics for paid partner accounts
  • Setting up VALIDITY TIME for partner accounts
  • Setting up Gallery Submission Limits for partner accounts
  • Setting up expiration notifications for partner accounts
  • Easy set-up of status information for partner accounts
  • Quick partner accounts matching between Chameleon Submitter and CPAR
  • importing partner accounts from the Chameleon Submitter database
  • Adding partner accounts in real time, during the process of requesting
  • Easy adding/editing/erasing of partner accounts
  • Simple and easy set-up of multi user profiles
  • Creating multi-profiles
  • Simple import of galleries from Chameleon Submitter to Chameleon Partner Account Requester
  • Editing/deleting imported galleries
  • Adjusting gallery priority
  • Testing gallery functionality on the server
  • Quick generation of TGP/MGP sites according to gallery parameters
  • Automatic rule-based generation of suitable TGP/MGP sites from a database (TGP & MGP friendly)
  • When generating, more than 235 categories are used
  • Paid partner accounts could be selected out when generating
  • “No Recip Sites Only” option when generating
  • Generated sites could be sorted by ePassporte, Credit Cards, Partner Network, and many other criteria
  • Duplication of galleries with TGP/MGP sites recips
  • Advanced name setting for duplicated galleries and folders
  • Setting the number of recip links per gallery with automatic insertion of links to galleries
  • Instantaneous gallery duplicating and server uploading
  • Fast, simple and customizable MANUAL REQUEST for up to 10 TGP/MGP sites simultaneously
  • Automatic form filling during manual submission
  • Immediate manual submission of galleries after a failed request form
  • Quick search in the partner accounts database
    …and many other features

+ Great database of TGP/MGP sites that accept new partners for submitting galleries ( more like 500 sites )
   - Support to different partner account groups (PARTNER NETWORKS)
   - Adding/editing/deleting TGP/MGP sites in the database
   - Simple setting of TGP/MGP site parameters
   - Detailed but simple and efficient rule setting for sites
   - Sites could be set up according to their payment processors (ePassporte, PayPal, etc.)
   - Support to various recip link formats with the test function
   - Quick and advanced search of sites in the database using several criteria at once
   - Managing the database and sorting into groups, and many other features


Only 4 STEPS to a Partner Account!!
Fill in your profile
Import galleries from Chameleon Submitter *
Send a request for partner account to a TGP/MGP site
Simply manage partner accounts (export/import from/to Chameleon Submitter *)
* only if you have a CS license
You do not have to be a Chameleon Submitter user to use Chameleon Partner Account Requester


  • Does the database really contain 500 partner accounts?
    Yes, the database of Chameleon Partner Account Requester contains more than 500 TGP/MGP sites to which you can only submit as a partner. Every week more and more TGP/MGP sites are added to the database!

  • I have a lot of paid partner accounts; is it possible to maintain a log of paid partner accounts?
    Surely, Chameleon Partner Account Requester enables you to keep complete statistics of partner accounts you paid for. The program creates easy-to-read statistics of how much you paid for partner accounts e.g. on weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

  • I have heard that Chameleon Partner Account Requester can notify me of a partner account ready to expire - is it true?
    Yes, this feature has been implemented into Chameleon Partner Account Requester; you can set up alerts for different sites. For example if you purchase a partner account and set up an ALERT for the time 7 days prior to expiration, you will get a list of sites that are about to expire with every launch of Chameleon Partner Account Requester.

  • How does setting up time validity for a partner account work?
    It is very simple. You enter the time when you obtained a partner account and its validity, e.g. 30 days. This gives you an overview of partner accounts that are active, and how long will they remain active.

  • I have heard that the Chameleon Partner Account Requester database is sorted according to sites that accept ePassporte, credit cards, PayPal, etc. Is it true?
    Yes, you can even sort sites into groups according to their payment method.

  • Where do I find tutorials for the new release Chameleon Partner Account Requester 2.00?
    Complete tutorials could be found at this web page.

  • Does the new release include duplication of galleries with TGP/MGP sites recips?
    Yes, this new feature takes up a whole step in Chameleon Partner Account Requester; it is called DUPLICATE and lets you duplicate galleries with TGP/MGP recips that require doing so. Thus you have no limits when requesting!

  • How are the TGP/MGP sites in the Chameleon Partner Account Requester database set up?
    All TGP/MGP sites are set up with their rules so if you import galleries from Chameleon Submitter and follow all the steps, you can request a partner account for galleries in the correct category accepted by the TGP/MGP site and the sites are also set up using additional rules which are only applied when obtaining partner accounts.

  • Do I need a valid user license of Chameleon Submitter in order to buy Chameleon Partner Account Requester?
    No, Chameleon Partner Account Requester is completely independent of Chameleon Submitter but if you already have Chameleon Submitter, many things will be easier - submitted galleries can be imported to CPAR and partner accounts in the databases can be managed, there is easy-to-use export and import functionality, etc. etc.

  • Can I create several user profiles?
    Of course, this function is supported in Chameleon Partner Account Requester.

  • What does the price of Chameleon Partner Account Requester include?
    The price includes free upgrade to higher versions, free update of the TGP/MGP database every week and free e-mail support by the Chameleon Submitter Team.

  • How much is Chameleon Partner Account Requester?
    Chameleon Partner Account Requester costs $99 for 3 months, however you can save the most with one year version for $249 which is also available. Once your 3 months or one year license expires we offer every user an option of renewing Chameleon Partner Account Requester on a monthly basis. All single following months after are $29/month which means that you do not need to use Chameleon Partner Account Requester constantly and any other month will cost you $29 only!

  • Where can I buy Chameleon Partner Account Requester?
    Here you are - just click here.

  • When my Chameleon Partner Account Requester license expires, will I loose my partner accounts I obtained through Chameleon Partner Account Requester?
    No. Even if you do not renew your license, your partner accounts are active until relevant TGP/MGP owners retain their validity.


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