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What's new?

Dear Users,

First of all we would like to thank you for your comments and ideas which were included in the current version of the Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated and we hope that we have satisfied all the expectations you associate with a good-working TGP & MGP submitter.

Chameleon Submitter Team

What is new in version 4.61

  • Full support of IE 10!
  • Several bugs fixed

What is new in version 4.60

  • Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter is now 100% Windows 7 compatible!
  • Supports a model name tag, separate from the gallery title!
  • Supports quick reordering of selected categories (Category 1-6) in gallery info!
  • Introduces hourly instead of daily submission limits! This will allow you to generate a more targeted list of TGP/MGP sites for submitting your galleries!
  • A number of useful improvements and several corrected bugs to ensure a more comfortable and efficient use of Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter!

What is new in version 4.52

  • Several bugs fixed
  • Added new Tips&Tricks into our help in Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter (Help menu > Help)

What is new in version 4.51

  • Added Keywords field! You can now add keywords to your gallery to be submitted along with the other gallery info.
  • More code types in the forms are recognized and filled in automatically to increase the number of sites in auto submit and relieve the manual queue!
  • Support for more proxy server types!

What is new in version 4.50

  • More categories to choose from! Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter now offers a selection of 239 categories!
  • Support of automatic insertion of info on movies selected from several folders!
  • You can now verify/modify recip links before they are automatically inserted in the duplicated galleries - do so in the list of generated sites!
  • A new Duplicate tab which is easier to navigate and shows a preview of the duplicated gallery including sample recips before its duplication + more new features!
  • FTP Options extended to include more settings, e.g. Host Directory as an alternative to the Initial Gallery Directory
  • Your comments on sites are displayed and can be edited directly during the submit process!
  • Support of quick access to the site settings in the database while submitting!
  • Faster adding of new sites to the database using 'cloning' of a site added earlier! This is useful if adding similar sites (e.g. from the same network, etc.).
  • Support for two different sizes of the pic and movie sample thumbnail for each site in the database!
  • Support for setting the niches banned by individual sites in the database!
  • Recip link settings in Site Details were extended to include additional features which make the verification of recip links easier!
  • A number of useful improvements and several corrected bugs to ensure a more comfortable and efficient use of Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter!

What is new in version 4.02

  • Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter now recognizes even more codes than before. This means even more passphrases filled in automatically for an even quicker submit!
  • Extended support to adding new form (script) types; automatically being filled out during submission process.
  • Support to automatic filling out forms located in frames during manual submit!

What's new in version 4.01

  • Toggle JavaScript error messages during manual submit!
  • Several bugs fixed + more improvements, including better support for result page loading in the same window after form submission, repaired unpredictable software freezing during submit, custom category enabled even without any assigned value, etc.

What's new in version 4.00

  • Support to IE7 including automatic filling out thumb files during the process of manual submit!
  • Support to adding multi page forms when editing sites in the database! No more lengthy manual adding of form field names & values from source codes!
  • Ten more gallery descriptions! If gallery descriptions available in Step1 are not sufficient for you, or their length does not suffice for sites you added to the database, you can add more descriptions of any length.
  • Support to more precise location of traffic source by special parameters that could be included into any link to a gallery slated for duplication. For advanced users only.
  • Support to automatic login to those partner sites that require HTTP authorization for manual submitting!
  • Improved work with the database, searching sites for their Rules URL's, the possibility to lock/unlock multiple sites at the same time, as well as batch inclusion to/exclusion from generation. Find more information in Database.
  • The possibility of locking partner submission limits against update! Some sites offer multiple types of partner accounts with different numbers of accepted galleries, so now you can modify this limit according to your type of partner account without the need of locking the entire site.
  • The option of disabling delete of active partner sites by automatic database update! This new feature is designed for those who want to make sure that database update does not delete any of the sites where one has set up a partner account.
  • The possibility to back up partner accounts set up for individual sites in the database, with the option of their restoration!
  • There is a new tab in Options with additional settings of the process of submitting, e.g. the possibility to shorten the 24 hour limit when generating sites, setting up window properties for manual submitting, etc.
  • In additional to fixing several smaller bugs, there is a great number of additional improvements to make the use of Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter even more comfortable and effective! So enjoy it!

What's new in version 3.11

  • If your server or firewall configuration doesn't support use of passive FTP simply turn Passive Mode off!
  • Several bugs fixed.

What's new in version 3.10

  • Set different reciprocal links for a single site by categories! Site Details in the database expanded to include a new tab, Recips, where you can set reciprocal links in the format required by the site.
  • Create sample thumbnails directly from movies! You no longer need video screenshots to create them, use the new movie cropping tool!
  • Set new border for a picture/video before you crop sample thumbnails from it! This new feature is useful in cases when you do not want a part of the picture (e.g. copyright) to appear on the samples.
  • Support of automatic submit of forms with passphrases (recognizable by CS)! This means less sites for manual submit and shorter submit times!
  • Delayed auto submit will commence on the date and at the time you specify and your computer can shut down after the auto submit! Scheduled auto submit only works for currently generated galleries.
  • Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter now recognizes even more codes than before! Additionally, there is a new tool which enables you to find out easily which codes can be recognized by CS while setting the form up in the database.
  • Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter can now distinguish sites accepting only such sample thumbnails which are in accordance with §2257!
  • Use or create 2257 compliant thumbs (in addition to other thumbs) to be automatically submitted only to those sites requiring such sample thumbnails!
  • Switch all generated sites to manual submit, including those which are otherwise reserved for auto submit! This will be appreciated by those who want to make sure that all forms are filled in correctly. You do not need to use this feature at all, however ;) It is possible to switch back to default settings.
  • Automatically replace all graphical recips for text links on duplicate galleries! If you do not want to display graphical recip links on your galleries due to §2257, you can have them replaced with text links before the duplication itself.
  • Create separate galleries for each site individually, including several recips per gallery! This expands your stats and enables you to discover exactly which sites generate traffic or sign-ups.
  • Name the duplicated gallery after the site to which it is submitted! If the gallery is to be submitted to several sites, the name of the first site in the sequence is used.
  • Support for quick searches for sites in the database or list of generated sites using the Ctrl+F shortcut!
  • Automatically highlight those sites in the group which are also located in another group you select! This is mostly useful when you work with several groups.
  • Set the number of accepted galleries separately for partners and regular submitters directly in site details!
  • A new tool to detect missing reciprocal buttons in the Img folder in the Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter folder on your hard drive. This is useful mainly if you are used to moving this folder around or edit the sites in the database.
  • Pre-fill data entered in Step 1 for several galleries at once! The pre-filled data can easily be stored in History and re-used at a later time.
  • A number of small but useful improvements and several corrected bugs to ensure a more comfortable and efficient use of Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter!
    Just to name a few: The whole gallery URL is exported to History including the index name, report in the Update dialog has active URLs, search for unused recips is quicker, deleting sites does not refresh the whole list, etc.

What's new in version 3.00

  • Added new gallery descriptions with character counters! It is also possible to specify the maximum allowed number of characters in the description for every site in the database which means more efficient use of your descriptions during submit (the nearest shorter description to the maximum allowed number of characters for the site is used).
  • Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter can now distinguish most of the currently used passphrases! This means that even more codes can be completed automatically, making the manual submit faster!
  • The separate sample thumbnail 'Step' expanded to include new features! When using the auto cropping tool you can set the quality and sharpen/brightness/contrast before the sample thumbnails are created. Now there is also real time preview and other improvements.
  • Added 2257 Info URL and Big Image URL in the gallery information and in the rules of individual site details! Immediately see which sites require these items in the new columns added to the site list in the database.
  • More categories to choose from! Now you can select as many as 6 categories from a list of more than 190 categories (including Gay sub-categories) and that is not all! If you miss a category, simply add it to the database.
  • More targeted generation of niche sites from the database for submission! In addition to categories you can now specify the age of the model and content type (hardcore/softcore). The history of submitted galleries was also expanded to contain these items.
  • Clear differentiation of sites accepting only partners from other sites by a new column on the sites list! This can help you to select them in the database and to sort the sites generated for submit.
  • Simple selection of those sites on the generated list which are also included in another group. This can help you to sort or delete them if you do not want to submit to them for any reason.
  • Now you can choose any place in your gallery where the recip links will be placed (recip links template) when duplicating galleries! Just insert the <!-- {RECIPS} --> tag in the source code of your gallery.
  • If you modified the default recip links template and you want to return to the original template, there is now a new button to do it easily!
  • If you discover that you made a mistake in the gallery info when the submit is already in progress, you can make corrections without having to repeat the whole process!
  • Extended searching for sites in the database! You can have the sites searched by your own keywords used in Notes or other criteria specified in Advanced Search (e.g. filter only those for which you have an active partner account, etc.).
  • A new Test button to verify correct settings of a recip link in site details!
  • The onSubmit javascript on the form is not executed when running the Get Parameters function, leading to an even faster and simpler addition/editing of sites in the database (eliminating Invalid URL, Invalid E-mail error messages, etc.)!
  • New feature added which allows compression of the database size without any loss of information!
  • In addition to several corrected bugs the user and visual interface of the software was improved (including support for Windows XP style, new CS icon). It is now also possible to minimize the main window into the system tray + other features to make your work with Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter easier and more efficient!
  • Windows can now be closed during manual submit by keyboard shortcuts!

What's new in version 2.01

  • Removes spontaneous window switching during manual submit!
  • Removes page opening in new windows during manual submit (outside the windows of the software);
  • Support of automatic PNG code completion during manual submit;
  • Display your own notes to sites in the manual submit windows;
  • Support of automatic form completion during manual submit using the Ctrl+Alt+F hotkey;
  • Support of download from server during FTP connect;
  • Support to several types of FTP servers including those which send non-standard info during connect;
  • Several bugs fixed.
What's new in version 2.00
  • Larger database with more sites accepting movie galleries! Now you can submit all types of galleries - movie, picture or mixed.
  • Added new Bisexual category! Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter now offers a selection of 71 categories!
  • FTP upload tool available! Upload galleries and recips to your server without having to use an external FTP client! In addition to automatic and simple gallery and recip upload the FTP tool allows manual upload with a number of useful features simplifying the selection of items.
  • There is also a tool for testing the correct local and server paths before the upload.
  • Support of unlimited FTP servers for uploading your galleries/recips!
  • Automatic filling of several code types.
  • Optional automatic completion of information on movies which is needed to submit a movie gallery. Don't lose time find out their size, length and other parameters!
  • Support of automatic submit of all sample thumbnail sizes leading to more sites switched to autosubmit!
  • Automatic image cropping tool available! No more lengthy cropping of images and manual placement in forms. Crop samples of all sizes by a single click!
  • Another, longer gallery description added (huge)! Huge description is useful when submitting movie galleries or other gallery types.
  • Possible ranking of sites generated for submitting by the number of recips per gallery and their grouping by several criteria simultaneously (manually too). You can specify in advance which recip links will be displayed together in duplicated galleries!
  • New tool for advanced search among the sites in the database using several criteria! Now you can have sites from several groups searched by rules of acceptance of the sites.
  • Improved quick search! Site is searched by part of name, main URL or entered submit URL - only in the group you selected.
  • Faster generation of sites suitable for submitting out of all sites available in the database!
  • New parameters on submitted movies and submitted gallery type parameter (movie, picture or mixed gallery). This means more sites can be on autosubmit!
  • More efficient handling of groups! New buttons for adding and deleting groups without the need to use the context menu in the database. When adding a new group the sites from the currently displayed group remain selected so you do not need to return to it to copy/move sites to the new group.
  • Site list table expanded to include new columns and other improvements of user comfort! The table now contains more detailed information about the sites displayed and you can type and edit your own comments about the sites;
  • Site URLs in the table are active so you can load their main URLs without needing to open site details;
  • Recip links of sites in the table are distinguished by type - this will help you to group the sites by recip link type.
  • Site Details in the database can be opened by double-clicking on the site without needing to use the context menu.
  • Smart recognition of the URL of Recips entered and automatic copy of image recips into the gallery folder during its duplication, if needed.
  • Load own recip links template from the selected file without (repeated) editing of the default template.
  • New feature added to Naming Options - hide individual file names in URLs of duplicated galleries during submit.
  • The file with names used to generate different names for duplicated galleries can contain "-" and "_" characters in addition to alphanumerics.
  • Check the completed data before gallery duplication using a simple testing tool! The tool will display sample URLs of duplicated galleries together with a final URL of recips so you can avoid faulty duplication.
  • Repeated manual submit to sites assigned for manual submit if you are not satisfied with the result!
  • Review results from previous submits in the History of submitted galleries! The results are available after saving when submit completes. You can now compare how successful the submission of various galleries was!
  • Added ranking of sites by stars according to average number of unique visitors per day! The ranking can help you determine how often the sites are visited and how they should be grouped.
  • If you want to make your own ranking of the sites, you can do so using an additional personal ranking system.
  • Simple activation of sites which only accept partners but which require other data then login and/or password for authorization (e.g. approved e-mail, domain, etc.)!
  • If you want to switch any site for manual submit you no longer have to lock all of it against automatic database update! Just switch it in Preferred User Settings which are ignored during database update.
  • Extended settings of rules for sites in the database - this leads to less failed submissions and more sites on autosubmit! In addition to movie submit rules there is now a rule for acceptance or rejection of sponsor-hosted galleries.
  • Support of another recip link form! Image recip can be adjusted into a final HTML form so that it is 100% in acccordance with the requirements of the site.
  • New, more efficient loading of the submit form when adding a site to the database using automatic pre-fill of the necessary parameters!
  • Support of automatic loading of all types of submit forms, including forms using "multipart/form-data" transfer encoding. No more annoying manual adding!
  • Independent, more efficient and clearer way of matching site categories with Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter categories!
  • Improved user interface of the software! Most of the submitter tabs can now be resized or maximalized. Additional shortcuts for faster transition between tabs + additional new features to make your work with Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter easier and more efficient!
What's new in version 1.50
  • Set the preference for entering a sample thumbnail URL, or upload file when submitting to a site which supports both types.
  • Quicker manual submit by switching off images on submit pages - except for tracking codes!
  • Refresh images on a page if needed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F5.
  • Enter the ‘upload file’ item in the form automatically during manual submit.
  • Fill in the submit form automatically during manual submit even if it is located on several pages.
  • The submit form is loaded into a new window during manual submit without needing to scroll the page.
  • Copy and delete sites from groups on the basis of their Report Tab or ManualSubmit Tab submit results.
  • Automatically add new sites to the group of your choice during Database Update.
  • Store the Login and Password needed for authorization to avoid re-entering them during submit or update.
What's new in version 1.20
  • New, faster, more user-adaptable manual submission process which can handle simultaneous submits to up to 10 TGP Sites.
  • Auto submit extended to support 10 simultaneous submission processes and HTTP header cookies.
  • Automatic or manual resubmit of unsuccessfully submitted galleries.
  • Added support for submission of both uploaded and hosted sample thumbnails to sites which require them for submission.
  • TGP rules extended to include the maximum allowed number of images in a gallery.
  • More categories with added functions. The new version of Chameleon TGP/MGP Submitter supports up to 70 categories.
  • Added support for submitting galleries hosted on the server of your sponsor.
  • The List of generated TGP Sites now includes the primary and secondary categories found on the sites during their generation.
  • Added possibility of sorting the TGP sites in the list by any table column. This happens in the database as well as the list of generated sites. The sorting order is retained when recip links are automatically entered in duplicated galleries.
  • Added column in the list of TGP sites for improved navigation in the database. The column specifies the sites requiring e-mail submission.
  • The parameters in Naming Options were extended to include the generation of date in the file/folder names of duplicated galleries.
  • The list of local files of the duplicated galleries (log.html) now records their full URLs. This is provided mainly to check the uploaded galleries before submission.
  • New recip buttons can now be stored in a separate folder during database update, making subsequent selection easier.
  • Database Update does not change site settings to Enabled (or Disabled) in the database.
  • The e-mail template is now more user-friendly and new functions have been added, e.g. entering of specific parameters while editing the TGP site (including its subject and body).
  • E-mail resubmit is now possible directly from a saved result page of the site after a failed auto submit.
  • Support to SMTP authorization using Username and Password.
  • HTTP connection test, warning in case the proxy server sends the client’s IP address.

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